Dear Scientists,

You live and work abroad. You understand different cultures and mentalities. You compare methodologies, strategies and ethics. You acquire new knowledge and know-how and are enriched by that experience.

This is important to us. We may ask you to agree to share your experiences with others, to allow us to learn from your achievements, to help us with your network of contacts. We may propose projects which could benefit from your support, and valorize the invaluable expertise accessible through expatriated Swiss scientists.

In return, we would like to offer to interested parties better information on science and technology in Switzerland, a virtual forum, the opportunity to participate in shaping our future, easier networking with fellow scientists from home and abroad, the birth and - let us hope - the added value of a name gaining high public exposure: SwissTalents.

SwissTalents, the database of Swiss scientists abroad and its linked Website, conceived, created and managed by Swiss Science and Technology Counselors, will provide the means for this new partnership. It is yours ... thank you for using it !

Dr. Charles Kleiber

State Secretary for Science